EnglandsHelicon Bb4r


¶ Colin the enamoured Sheepheard, singeth this passion
of loue.

O Gentle Loue, vngentle for thy deede, thou makest my hart, a bloodie marke, With piercing shot to bleede.
(5) Shoote soft sweete Loue, for feare thou shoote amisse, for feare too keene, thy arrowes beene: And hit the hart, where my beloued is.
Too faire that fortune were, nor neuer I (10) shall be so blest, among the rest: That loue shal ceaze on her by simpathy.
Then since with Loue my prayers beare no boote, this doth remaine, (15) to ease my paine, I take the wound, and die at Venus foote.

FINIS. Geo. Peele.

¶ Oenones complaint in blanke verse. +

M Elpomene the Muse of tragicke songs, With mournfull tunes in stole of dismall hue, Assist a sillie Nimphe to waile her woe, And leaue thy lustie company behind.
(5) This lucklesse wreathe becomes not me to weare, The Poplar tree for tryumph of my loue, Then as my ioy, my pride of loue is left; Be thou vncloathed of thy louely greene.