EnglandsHelicon Bb1r


The ghastly beasts, my thoughts in cares assured, Which wage me warre, while hart no succour gaineth: With false suspect, and feare that still remaineth.
(10) The horrors, burning sighs by cares procured, Which foorth I send, whilst weeping eye complaineth: To coole the heate, the helplesse hart containeth.
But shafts, but cares, but sighs, horrors vnrecured, Were nought esteem’d, if for these paines awarded: (15) My faithfull loue by her might be regarded.

FINIS. Ignoto.

¶An excellent Sonnet of a Nimph. +

V Ertue, beauty, and speach, did strike, wound, charme, My hart, eyes, eares, with wonder, loue, delight: First, second, last, did binde, enforce, and arme, His works, showes, sutes, with wit, grace, and vowes-might.
(5) Thus honour, liking, trust, much, farre, and deepe, Held, pearst, possest, my iudgement, sence, and will; Till wrongs, contempt, deceite, did grow, steale, creepe, Bands, fauour, faith, to breake, defile, and kill.
Then greefe, vnkindnes, proofe, tooke, kindled, taught, (10) Well grounded, noble, due, spite, rage, disdaine: But ah, alas, (in vaine) my minde, sight, thought, Dooth him, his face, his words, leaue, shunne, refraine. For nothing, time, nor place, can loose, quench, ease: Mine owne, embraced, sought, knot, fire, disease.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.