EnglandsHelicon B3r


Roabe fit alone for such a Lasse, as Emperours doth moue. Roabe which heauens Queene, the bride of her owne brother, +(70) Would grace herselfe with, or with such another.
Who euer (and who else but Ioue ) embroidered the same: Hee knew the world, and what did moue, in all the mightie frame. (75) So well (belike his skill to proue) the counterfeits he wrought: +Of wood-Gods, and of euery groaue,and all which else was ought. Is there a beast, a bird, a fish worth noate? (80) Then that he drew, and picturde in her coate.
A vaile of Lawne like vapour thin vnto her anckle trailes: Through which the shapes discerned bin, as too and fro it sailes. (85) Shapes both of men, who neuer linto search her wonders out: Of monsters and of Gods a kin, which her empale about. A little world her flowing garment seemes: (90) And who but as a wonder thereof deemes?
For heere and there appeare forth towers, among the chalkie downes: Citties among the Country bowers, which smiling Sun-shine crownes. (95) Her mettall buskins deckt with flowers, as th’ earth when frosts are gone: Besprinckled are with Orient showers of hayle and pebble stone. Her feature peerelesse, peerelesse her attire, (100) I can but loue her loue, with zeale entire.