EnglandsHelicon B2v


Her fore-head wrought with Ioues owne hands, for heauenly white notorious. (35) Her golden lockes like Hermus sands, +(or then bright Hermus brighter:) A spangled Cauill + binds in with bands, then siluer morning lighter. And if the Planets are the chiefe in skies: (40) No other starres then Planets are her eyes.
Her cheeke, her lip; fresh cheeke, more fresh, then selfe-blowne buds of Roses: Rare lip, more red then those of flesh, which thousand sweetes encloses: (45) Sweet breath, which all things dooth refresh, and words than breath farre sweeter: Cheeke firme, lip firme, not fraile nor nesh, as substance which is fleeter. In praise doo not surmount, although in placing: (50) Her christall necke, round breast, and armes embracing.
The thorough-shining ayre I weene, is not so perfect cleare: As is the skie of her faire skinne, whereon no spots appeare. (55) The parts which ought not be seene, for soueraigne woorth excell: Her thighs with Azure braunched beene, and all in her are well. Long Iuorie hands, legges straighter then the Pine: (60) Well shapen feete, but vertue most diuine.
Nor cloathed like a Sheepheardesse, but rather like a Queene: Her mantle dooth the formes expresse, of all which may be seene. (65) Roabe fitter for an Empresse, then for a Sheepheards loue: