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There was no open forgerie, (70) but vnder-handed gleaning: Which they call Country pollicie, but hath a worser meaning. Some good bold-face beares out the wrong, because he gaines thereby: (75) The poore mans back is crackt ere long, yet there he lets him lye. And no degree among them all, but had such close intending: That I vpon my knees did fall, (80) and prayed for their amending. Back to the woods I got againe, in minde perplexed sore: Where I found ease of all this paine, and meane to stray no more. (85) There, Citty, Court, nor Country too, can any way annoy me: But as a wood-man ought to doo, I freely may imploy me. There liue I quietly alone, (90) and none to trip my talke: Wherefore when I am dead and gone, think on the Wood-mans walke.

FINIS. Shep. Tonie.

¶ Thirsis the Sheepheard, to his Pipe. +

L Ike Desert woods, with darkesome shades obscured, Where dreadfull beasts, where hatefull horror raigneth. Such is my wounded hart, whom sorrow payneth,
The Trees are fatall shaft, to death inured, (5) That cruell loue within my breast maintaineth, To whet my greefe, when as my sorrow wayneth.