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I N wonted walkes, since wonted fancies change, +Some cause there is, which of strange cause doth rise: For in each thing whereto my minde + doth range, Part of my paine me seemes engraued lies.
(5) The Rockes which were of constant minde, the marke In climbing steepe, now hard refusall show: The shading woods seeme now my sunne to darke, And stately hils disdaine to looke so low.
The restfull Caues, now restlesse visions giue, (10) In dales I see each way a hard assent: Like late mowne Meades, late cut from ioy I liue, Alas, sweet Brookes, doe in my teares augment. Rocks, woods, hills, caues, dales, meades brookes aunswer mee: Infected mindes infect each thing they see.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

¶ Of disdainfull Daphne. +

S Hall I say that I loue you, +Daphne disdainfull? Sore it costs as I proue you,louing is painfull.
(5) Shall I say what doth greeue mee? Louers lament it: Daphne will not releeue mee, late I repent it.
Shall I dye, shall I perrish, (10) through her vnkindnes? Loue vntaught loue to cherrish, sheweth his blindnes.
Shall the hills, shall the valleyes, the fieldes the Cittie,