EnglandsHelicon A3v


To his very louing friends, M. Nicholas
and M. George Faucet. +

T Hough many miles (but more occasions) doo sunder
vs (kinde Gentlemen) yet a promise at parting, dooth
in iustice claime performance, and assurance of gen-
tle acceptance, would mightilie condemne me if I should
neglect it.
Helicon, though not as I could wish, yet in
such good sort as time would permit, hauing past the pikes
of the Presse, comes now to
Yorke to salute her rightfull
Patrone first, and next (as his deere friends and kindsmen)
to offer you her kinde seruice. If shee speede well there, it
is all shee requires, if they frowne at her beere, she greatly
not cares: for the wise (shee knowes) will neuer be other
then them selues, as for such then as would seeme so, but
neither are, nor euer will be, she holds this as a maine prin-
ciple; that their malice neede as little be feared, as their
fauour or friendship is to be desired. So hoping you will
not forget vs there, as we continuallie shall be mindefull
of you heere. I leaue you to the delight of
Englands He-

Yours in all he may,
A. B.