EnglandsHelicon A3r


Maister Iohn Bodenham. +

W Its Common-wealth, +the first fruites of thy paines, Drew on Wits Theater, +thy second Sonne: By both of which; I cannot count the gaines, And wondrous profit that the world hath wonne. (5) Next, in the Muses Garden, +gathering flowres, Thou mad’st a Nosegay, as was neuer sweeter: Whose sent will sauour to Times latest howres, +And for the greatest Prince no Poesie meeter. Now comes thy Helicon, to make compleate (10) And furnish vp thy last impos’d designe: My paines heerein, I cannot terme it great, But what-so-ere, my love (and all) is thine. Take loue, take paines, take all remaines in me: And where thou art, my hart still liues with thee.

A. B. +