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To know her vertue, by the absent light. Bride (85) Youth’s; take his Poynts; your wonted right; Poynts. And Maydens; take your due, her Garters; Garters. Take hence the Lights; begone; Loue calls to Armes, Duell his Fight; Then all remoue out of his Quarters, (90) And leaue them both alone: That with substantiall heate, they may embrace, And know Loues Essence, with his outward grace. Chorus. Io to Hymen , &c.
Hence Iealousie, Riuall to Loues delight; (95) Sowe not thy seede of strife in these two Harts; May neuer cold affect, or spleenefull spight, Confound this Musicke of agreeing parts; But Time (that steales the virtuall heate Where Nature keepes the vitall fire) (100) (My Heart speakes in my Tongue) Supply with Fewell Lifes chiefe seate, Through the strong feruour of Desire: Loue, liuing; and liue long. And eu’n as Thunder riseth gainst the Winde; (105) So may yee fight with Age; and conquer Kinde. Chorus. Io to Hymen : Paeans sing To Hymen , and my Muses King.

FINIS. Christopher Brooke.