EnglandsHelicon2 R2v


(55) Breake off your Complement; Musick, be dombe. And pull your Cases o’re your Fiddles eares; Cry not, a Hall, a Hall; but Chamber-roome; Dancing is lame; Youth’s old at twentie yeares. Matrons; yet know what followes next; Going to (60) Conduct the shame-fac’d Bride to Bed, Bed. (Though to her little rest) Yee well can comment on the Text, And, in Loues learning deepely read, Aduise, and teach the best. (65) Forward’s the Word; Y’are all so in this Arrant; Wiues giue the Word; their Husbands giue the Warrant. Chorus. Io to Hymen , &c.
Now droopes our Bride, and in her Virgin state, Modestie Seemes like Electra ‘mongst the Pleyades ; in the (70) So shrinkes a Mayde when her Herculean Mate Bride. Must plucke the fruite in her Hesperides. As she’s a Bride, she glorious shines, Like Cynthia , from the Sunnes bright Sphere, Attracting all mens eyes; (75) But as she’s Virgin, waines, and pines, As to the Man she approcheth neere; So Mayden glory dies. But Virgin Beames no reall brightnesse render; If they doe shine, in darke they shew their splendor. (80) Chorus. Io to Hymen , &c.
Then let the darke Foyle of the Geniall Bea Extend her brightnesse to his inward sight, And by his sence he will be easly led