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Chorus. Io to Hymen Paeans sing +To Hymen , and my Muses King.
The Board being spread, furnish’t with various Plenties: Dinner. (30) The Brides faire Object in the Middle plac’d; While she drinkes Nectar, eates Ambrosiall dainties, And like a Goddesse is admir’d and graced: Bacchus and Ceres fill their veines; Each Heart begins to ope a vent; (35) And now the Healths goe round; Their Bloods are warm’d; chear’d are their Braines All doe applaud their Loues Consent; So Loue with Cheare is crown’d Let sensuall soules ioy in full Bowles, sweet Dishes; (40) True Hearts, and Tongues, accord in ioyful wishes.

Chorus. Io to Hymen , &c.
Now whiles slow Howres doe feede the Times delay, After-Noone Confus’d discourse, with Musicke mixt among, Musicke. Fills vp the semy-circle of the Day; (45) Now drawes the date our Louers wish’d so long. A bounteous Hand the Board hath spred; Supper. Lyeus stirres so their Bloods a-new; +All Iouiall full of cheare; But Phoebus see, is gone to Bed; Sunne set. (50) Loe Hesperus appeares in view, +And twinckles in his sphere. Now ne plus vltra; end, as you begin; Yee waste good Howres; Time lost in Loue, is sin.

Chorus. Io to Hymen , &c.