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An Epithalamium; or a Nuptiall Song, applied to the Ceremonies of Marriage. +

A Vrora’s Blush (the Ensigne of the Day) Sunne ri- Hath wak’t the God of Light, from Tythons + ||(bowre, sing Who on our Bride, and Bride-groome doth display His golden Beames, auspitious to this Howre. (5) Now busie Maydens strew sweet Flowres, Strewing Much like our Bride in Virgin state; of Flow- Now fresh, then prest, soone dying, ers. The death is sweet, and must be yours, Time goes on Croutches till that date, (10) Birds fledg’d must needes be flying. Leade on whiles Phoebus Lights, and Hymens Fires, Enflame each Heart with Zeale to Loues Desires.

Chorus. Io to Hymen Paeans sing +To Hymen , and my Muses King.
(15) Forth honour’d Groome; behold, not farre behind Going to Church. Your willing Bride; led by two strengthlesse Boyes; Bride For Venus Doues, or Thred but single twin’d, Boyes. May draw a Virgin, light in Marriage Ioyes: Vesta growes pale, her Flame expires (20) As yee come vnder Iunos Phane, To offer at Ioues Shrine The simpathie of Hearts desires Knitting the Knot, that doth containe Two soules, in Gordian Twine. (25) The Rites are done; and now, (as ’tis the guise) Loues Fast by Day, a Feast must solemnize.