EnglandsHelicon2 Q8v


(10) From faire Astra’s cherrie lip, Sweeter smells for euer skip, They in pleasing passen all.
Leauie Groues now mainely ring, With each sweet birds sonnetting, (15) Notes that make the Eccho’s long: But when Astra tunes her voyce, All the mirthfull birds reioyce, And are list’ning to her Song.
Fairely spreads the Damaske Rose , (20) Whose rare mixture doth disclose Beauties, pensils cannot faine: Yet if Astra passe the bush, Roses haue been seene to blush, She doth all their beauties staine.
(25) Phoebus shining bright in skie Gilds the floods, heates mountaines hie, With his beames all-quickning fire: Astra’s eyes, (most sparkling ones) Strikes a heat in hearts of stones, (30) And enflames them with desire.
Fields are blest with flowrie wreath, Ayre is blest when she doth breath, Birds make happy eu’ry Groue, She each Bird when she doth sing, (35) Phoebus heate to earth doth bring, Shee makes Marble fall in loue. +