EnglandsHelicon2 Q6v


Loue the onely price of loue. +

T He fairest Pearles that Northerne Seas doe breed, For precious stones from Easterne coasts are sold. Nought yeelds the earth that from exchange is freed, Gold values all, and all things value Gold. (5) Where goodnesse wants an equall change to make, There greatnesse serues, or number place doth take.
No mortall thing can beare so high a price, But that with mortall thing it may be bought, +The corne of Sicill buies the Westerne spice, (10) French wine of vs, of them our cloth is sought. No pearles, no gold, no stones, no corne no spice. No cloath, no wine, of loue can pay the price.
What thing is loue, which nought can counteruaile? Nought saue it selfe, eu’n such a thing is loue. (15) All worldly wealth in worth as farre doth faile, As lowest earth doth yeeld to heau’n aboue. Diuine is loue, and scorneth worldly pelfe, And can be bought with nothing, but with selfe.
Such is the price my louing heart would pay, (20) Such is the pay thy loue doth claime as due. Thy due is loue, which I (poore I) assay, In vaine assay to quite with friendship true: True is my loue, and true shall euer be, And truest loue is farre too base for thee.