EnglandsHelicon2 Q6r


(55) The Cocke alway commaunds the Henne, the men shall goe for mee. Then Robbin-Redbrest stepping in, Would needs take vp this tedious strife, Protesting, true-louing, (60) In either lengthened life. If I loue you, and you loue me, Can there be better harmonie? Thus ending, contending, Loue must the vmpiere be.
(65) Faire Nimphs, Loue must be your guide, chast, vnspotted loue: To such as doe your thralles betide, resolu’d without remoue. Likewise iolly Shepheard Swaines (70) if you doe respect, The happy issue of your paines, true loue must you direct. You heare the birds contend for loue, The bubling springs do sing sweet loue, (75) The Mountaines and Fountaines do Eccho nought but loue. Take hands then Nimphes and Shepheards all, And to this Riuers musickes fall Sing true loue, and chast loue (80) begins our Festiuall.

FINIS. Shep. Tonie.