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But caught once, beware then, for then begins your woe. They will looke babies in your eyes, (30) And speake so faire as faire may be: But trust them in no wise, example take by me.
Fie, fie, said the Threstle-cocke, you are much too blame: (35) For one mans fault, all men to blot, impairing their good name. Admit you were vs’d amisse, by that vngentle King, It followes not that you for this, (40) should all mens honours wring. There be good, and there be bad, And some are false, and some are true: As good choyse is still had amongst vs men, as you. (45) Women haue faults as well as wee, Some say for our one, they haue three. Then smite not, nor bite not, when you as faultie be.
Peace, peace, quoth Madge-Howlet then, (50) sitting out of sight: For women are as good as men, and both are good alike. Not so, said the little Wrenne, difference there may be: