EnglandsHelicon2 Q3v


ΒΆ The Louer absence kils me, her presence cures me. +

T He frozen Snake opprest with heaped snow By strugling hard gets out her tender head, And spies farre off from where she lies below The winter Sunne that from the North is fled. (5) But all in vaine she lookes vpon the light, Where heate is wanting to restore her might.
What doth it helpe a wretch in prison pent, Long time with biting hunger ouer-prest, To see without, or smell within, the sent, (10) Of daintie fare for others tables drest? Yet Snake and pris’ner both behold the thing, The which (but not with sight) might comfort |(bring.
Such is my state, or worse if worse may be, My heart opprest with heauie frost of care, (15) Debar’d of that which is most deere to me, Kild vp with cold, and pinde with euill fare, And yet I see the thing might yeeld reliefe, And yet the sight doth breed my greater griefe.
So Thisbe saw her Louer through the wall, (20) And saw thereby she wanted that she saw: And so I see, and seeing want withall, And wanting so, vnto my death I draw. And so my death were twenty times my friend, If with this verse my hated life might end.

FINIS Ignoto