EnglandsHelicon2 Q3r


Thus at base thy run, + They run, When the sport was scarse begun: (15) but I awak’t, and all was done.

FINIS. N. Breton.

¶ Another of the same. +

S Ay that I should say, I loue ye? would you say, tis but a saying? But if Loue in prayers mooue ye? will you not be mou’d with praying?
(5) Thinke I thinke that Loue should know ye? will you thinke, tis but a thinking? But if Loue the thought doe show ye, will ye loose your eyes with winking?
Write that I doe write you blessed, (10) will you write, tis but a writing? But if truth and Loue confesse it: will ye doubt the true enditing?
No, I say, and thinke, and write it, write, and thinke, and say your pleasure: (15) Loue, and truth, and I endite it, you are blessed out of measure.

FINIS. N. Breton.