EnglandsHelicon2 Q2v


Till wrongs, contempt, deceite, did grow, steale, creepe, Bands, fauour, faith, to breake, defile, and kill.
Then griefe, vnkindnes, proofe, tooke, kindled, taught, (10) Well grounded, noble, due, spite, rage, disdaine: But ah, alas, (in vaine) my minde, sight, thought, Doth him, his face, his words, leaue, shunne, refraine. For nothing, time, nor place, can loose, quench, ease: Mine owne, embraced, sought, knot, fire, disease.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

ΒΆ A Report Song in a dreame, betweene a Shepheard
and his Nimph.

S Hall we goe daunce the hay? + The hay? Neuer pipe could euer play better Shepheards Roundelay.
Shall we goe sing the Song? The Song? (5) Neuer Loue did euer wrong: faire Maides holde hands all a-long.
Shall we goe learne to woo? To woo? Neuer thought came euer to, better deed could better doe.
(10) Shall we goe learne to kisse? To kisse? Neuer hart could euer misse comfort, where true meaning is.