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Which long he sought by Seas through Neptunes spight, With such conceits my busie head doth swell. But in my heart nought else but loue doth dwell.
And in this warre thy part is not the least, (50) Here shall my muse Brutes noble Loue declare: Here shalt thou see thy double loue increast, Of fairest twins that euer Lady bare: Let Mars triumph in armour shining bright, His conquerd armes shall be thy triumphs light.
(55) As he the world, so thou shalt him subdue, And I thy glory through the world will ring, So by my paines, thou wilt vouchsafe to rue, And kill despaire. With that he whis’kt his wing, And bid me write, and promist wished rest, (60) But sore I feare false hope will be the best.

FINIS. Ignoto.

¶ An excellent Sonnet of a Nimph. +

V Ertue, beautie, and speech, did strike, wound, charme, My heart, eyes, eares, with wonder, loue, delight: First, second, last, did binde, enforce, and arme, His works, showes, sutes, with wit, grace, and vowes-might.
(5) Thus honour, liking, trust, much, farre, and deepe, Held, pearst, possest, my iudgement, sence, and will;