EnglandsHelicon2 P8r


And to the Country then I goe, (60) to liue in quiet state. There did appeare no subtile showes, but yea and nay went smoothly: But Lord how Country-folks can glose, when they speake most vntruely. (65) More craft was in a buttond cap, and in an old wiues raile: Then in my life it was my hap, to see on Downe or Dale. There was no open forgerie, (70) but vnder-handed gleaning: Which they call Country pollicie, but hath a worser meaning. Some good bold-face beares out the wrong, because he gaines thereby: (75) The poore mans back is crackt ere long, yet there he lets him lie. And no degree among them all, but had such close intending, That I vpon my knees did fall, (80) and prayed for their amending. Back to the woods I got againe, in minde perplexed sore: Where I found ease of all this paine, and meane to stray no more. (85) There, Citty, Court, nor Country to, can any way annoy me: But as a wood-man ought to doe, I freely may imploy me.