EnglandsHelicon2 P7v


Wit was imployed for each mans owne, (30) plaine meaning came too short: All these deuises seene and knowne, made me forsake the Court. Vnto the Cittie next I went, in hope of better hap: (35) Where liberally I lanch’d and spent, as set on Fortunes lap. The little stock I had in store, me thought would nere be done: Friends flockt about me more and more, (40) as quickly lost as wone. For when I spent, they then were kinde, but when my purse did faile: The foremost man came last behinde, thus loue with wealth doth quaile. (45) Once more for footing yet I stroue, +although the world did frowne: But they before that held me vp, +together troad me downe. And least once more I should arise, (50) they sought my quite decay: Then got I into this disguise, and thence I stole away. And in my minde (me thought) I said, Lord blesse mee from the Cittie: (55) Where simplenes is thus betraide, and no remorce or pittie. Yet would I not giue ouer so, but once more trie my fate: