EnglandsHelicon2 P5r


(5) There shall you haue the beauteous Pine, The Cedar, and the spreading Vine, And all the woods to be a Skreene: Least Phœbus kisse my Sommers Queene.
The seate for your disport shall be (10) Ouer some Riuer in a tree, Where siluer sands, and pebbles sing, Eternall ditties with the spring.
There shall you see the Nimphs at play, And how the Satires spend the day, (15) The fishes gliding on the sands: Offering their bellies to your hands.
The birds with heauenly tuned throtes, Possesse woods Ecchoes with sweet noate, +Which to your sences will impart, (20) A musique to enflame the hart.
Vpon the bare and leafe-lesse Oake, The Ring-Doues woings will prouoke A colder blood then you possesse, To play with me and doe no lesse.
(25) In bowers of Laurell trimly dight, We will out-weare the silent night, While Flora busie is to spread: Her richest treasure on our bed.
Ten thousand Glow-wormes shall attend, (30) And all their sparkling lights shall spend,