EnglandsHelicon2 P4r


(15) Faire lined slippers for the cold: With buckles of the purest gold.
A belt of straw, and Iuie buds, With Corall clasps and Amber studs, And if these pleasures may thee moue, (20) Come liue with me and be my Loue.
The Shepheards Swaines shall dance and sing, For thy delight each May-morning, If these delights thy minde may moue; Then liue with me, and be my Loue.

FINIS. Chr. Marlow.

¶ The Nimphs reply to the Sheepheard. +

I F all the world and loue were young, And truth in euery Shepheards tongue, These pretty pleasures might me moue, To liue with thee, and be thy Loue.
(5) Time driues the Flockes from field to fold, When Riuers rage, and Rockes grow cold, And Philomell becommeth dombe, +The rest complaines of cares to come.