EnglandsHelicon2 P3v


Haplesse I did Daphne know, haplesse I spied her.
Thus Turtle-like I wail’d me, for my Loues loosing: (35) Daphnes trust thus did faile me, woe worth such choosing.

FINIS. M. H. Nowell.

¶ The passionate Shepheard to his Loue. +

C Ome liue with mee, and be my Loue, And we will all the pleasures proue, That Vallies, Groues, hills and fields, Woods, or steepie mountaines yeeldes.
(5) And wee will sit vpon the Rocks, Seeing the Shepheards feede their Flockes, By shallow Riuers, to whose falls, Melodious byrds sings Madrigalls.
And I will make thee beds of Roses, (10) And a thousand fragrant poesies, A cap of flowers, and a kirtleImbroydred all with leaues of Mirtle.
A gowne made of the finest wooll, Which from our pretty Lambs we pull,