EnglandsHelicon2 P2r


ΒΆ Dispraise of Loue, and Louers follies. +

I F Loue be life, I long to die, Liue they that list for me: And he that gaines the most thereby, A foole at least shall be. (5) But he that feeles the sorest fits, Scapes with no lesse than losse of wits, Vnhappy life they gaine, Which Loue doe entertaine.
In day by fained lookes they liue, (10) By lying dreames in night, Each frowne a deadly wound doth giue, Each smile a false delight. If’t hap their Lady pleasant seeme, It is for others loue they deeme: (15) If voide she seeme of ioy, Disdaine doth make her coy.
Such is the peace that Louers finde, Such is the life they leade. Blowne here and there with euery winde (20) Like flowers in the Mead. Now warre, now peace, now warre againe, Desire, despaire, delight, disdaine, Though dead in midst of life, In peace, and yet at strife.

FINIS. Ignoto.