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And parcht my face with Phœbus so, +in walking in the ayre That downe I layde me by a streame, (10) with boughs all ouer-clad: And there I met the strangest dreame, that euer Shepheard had. Me thought I saw each Christmas game, each reuell all and some: (15) And euery thing that I can name, or may in fancie come. The substance of the sights I saw, in silence passe they shall: Because I lacke the skill to draw, (20) the order of them all. But Venus shall not passe my pen, whose maydens in disdaine: Did feed vpon the hearts of men, that Cupids bowe had slaine. (25) And that blinde Boy was all in blood, be-bath’d vp to the eares: And like a Conquerour he stood, and scorned Louers teares. I haue (quoth he) more hearts at call, (30) then Cæsar could command: And like the Deare I make them fall, that runneth o’re the lawnd. One drops downe here, another there, in bushes as they groane; (35) I bend a scornfull carelesse eare, to heare them make their moane. Ah Sir (quoth Honest Meaning ) then,