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Said thus, with eyes all trembling, faint and wasted: (15) I die now, The Shepheard then replied, and I sweet life doe die to.
Thus these two Louers fortunately died, Of death so sweet, so happy, and so desired: (20) That to die so againe their life retired.

FINIS. Out of Maister N. Young
his Musica Transalpina.

ΒΆ Another Stanza added after. +

T Hirsis enioyed the graces, Of Chloris sweet embraces, Yet both theyr ioyes were scanted: For darke it was, and candle-light they wanted. (5) Wherewith kinde Cinthia in the heauen that shined, her nightly vaile resigned, and her faire face disclosed. Then each from others lookes such ioy deriued: That both with meere delight died, and reuiued. +

FINIS. Out of the same.