EnglandsHelicon2 O6v


deadly wound his death did bring: Which when Venus found, shee fell in a swound, and awak’d, her hands did wring. (135) Nimphs and Satyres skipping, Came together tripping, Eccho euery crie exprest: Venus by her power, Turn’d him to a flower, +(140) which she weareth in her creast.


ΒΆ Thirsis the Sheepheard his deaths song. +

T Hirsis to die desired, marking her eyes that to his heart was neerest: And she that with his flame no lesse was fired, said to him: Oh heart’s loue deerest: (5) Alas, forbeare to die now, By thee I liue, by thee I wish to die to. +
Thirsis that heate refrained, wherewith to die poore Louer then he hasted, Thinking it death while he his lookes maintained, (10) full fixed on her eyes, full of pleasure, and louely Nectar sweet from them he tasted. His daintie Nimph, that now at hand espied the haruest of Loues treasure,