EnglandsHelicon2 O5v


Birds and beasts my lawes effect: Mirrha thy faire mother, most of any other, did my louely hests respect. (75) Be with me delighted, Thou shalt be requited, euery Nimph on thee shall tend: All the Gods shall loue thee, Man shall not reproue thee, (80) Loue himselfe shall be thy friend.
Wend thee from me Venus, I am not disposed, Thou wring’st mee too hard, pre-thee let me goe: (85) Fie, what a paine it is thus to be enclosed, If loue begin with labour, it will end in woe. kisse mee, I will leaue, (90) here a kisse receiue, a short kisse I doe it finde: Wilt thou leaue me so? yet thou shalt not goe, breathe once more thy balmie wind. (95) It smelleth of the Mirrh-tree, That to the world did bring thee, neuer was perfume so sweet: When she had thus spoken, Shee gaue him a token, (100) and their naked bosomes meet.