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yet doe not despaire. She is full of pride, Venus be my guide, (90) helpe a silly Shepheards speed, Vse no such delay, Shepheard, goe thy way, venture man and doe the deede. I will sore complaine me, (95) Say that loue hath slaine thee, if her fauours doe not feede: But take no deniall, Stand vpon thy triall, spare to speake, and want of speede. +


¶ The Shepheards Song of Venus and Adonis. +

V Enus faire did ride, siluer Doues they drew her, By the pleasant lawnds ere the Sunne did rise: (5) Vestaes beautie richopened wide to view her, Philomel records pleasing Harmonies. Euery bird of spring (10) cheerefully did sing, Paphos Goddesse they salute: