EnglandsHelicon2 O3v


She will still disdaine me, beautie is so full of pride.
(60) What though she be faire? speake, and feare not speeding, Be shee nere so coy, yet she may be wunne: Vnto her repaire, (65) where her Flocks are feeding, Sit and tick and toy till set be the Sunne. Sunne then being set, Feare not Vulcanes net, (70) though that Mars therein was caught: If she doe denie Thus to her replie Venus lawes she must be taught. Then with kisses mooue her, (75) That’s the way to proue her, thus thy Phillis must be wone: She will not forsake thee, But her Loue will make thee, When Loues duty once is done.
(80) Happie shall I be, If she graunt me fauour, Else for loue I die Phillis is so faire: Boldly then goe see, (85) thou maist quickly haue her, Though she should denie,