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But alas I finde, They are all vnkinde (30) Beauty knowes her power too well: When they list, they loue, When they please they moue, thus they turne our heauen to hell. For their faire eyes glauncing, (35) Like to Cupids dauncing, roule about still to deceaue vs: With vaine hopes deluding, Still dispraise concluding, Now they loue, and now they leaue vs.
(40) Thus I doe despaire, haue her I shall neuer, If she be so coy, lost is all my loue: But she is so faire (45) I must loue her euer, All my paine is ioy, which for her I proue. If I should her trie, And she should denie (50) heauie hart with woe will breake: Though against my will, Tongue thou must be still, for she will not heare thee speake. Then with sighs goe proue her, (55) Let them shew I loue her, gracious Venus be my guide: But though I complaine me,