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And were so mooued both thereat, that hate in each began to fall. (60) Such is the power of sacred loue.
They shewed themselues in open sight, poore Louers, Lord how they were mazde? And hand in hand the Fathers plight, whereat (poore harts) they gladly gazde. (65) Hope now begins to further loue.
And to confirme a mutuall band, of loue, that at no time should cease: They likewise ioyned hand in hand, the Shepheard and the Shepheardesse. (70) Like fortune still befall true loue.

FINIS. Shep. Tonie.

Another of Astrophell. +

T He Nightingale so soone as Aprill bringeth Vnto her rested sense a perfect waking: While late bare earth, proud of new clothing springeth, Sings out her woes, a thorne her Song-booke making. +(5) And mournefully bewailing Her throate in tunes expresseth, What griefe her breast oppresseth, For Tereus force, on her chast will preuailing.