EnglandsHelicon2 N6v


If Maides win young men with their guiles, heigh hoe guilefull greefe: (15) They deale like weeping Crocodiles, that murther men without releefe. +
I know a simple Countrie Hinde, heigh hoe sillie Swaine: To whom faire Daphne proued kinde, (20) was he not kinde to her againe? He vowed by Pan with many an oath, heigh hoe Shepheards God is he: Yet since hath chang’d, and broke his troath, troth-plight broke, will plagued be.
(25) She had deceaued many a Swaine, fie on false deceite: And plighted troath to them in vaine, there can bee no griefe more great. Her measure was with measure paide, (30) heigh hoe, heigh hoe equall meede: She was beguil’d that had betraide, so shall all deceiuers speede.
If euery Maide were like to mee, heigh hoe hard of hart: (35) Both loue and louers scorn’d should be, scorners shall be sure of smart. If euery Maide were of my minde, heigh hoe, heigh hoe louely sweete: They to their Louers should proue kinde, (40) kindnes is for Maidens meet.