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I will trauaile soiles remoued, Night and morning neuer merrie: (75) Thou shalt harbour that I loued, I will loue that makes me wearie.
If perchaunce the Shepheard strayeth, In thy walks and shades vnhaunted: Tell the teene my hart betrayeth, (80) How neglect my ioyes haue daunted.

FINIS. Thom. Lodge.

¶ A Pastorall Song betweene Phillis and Amarillis, two
Nimphes, each aunswering other line for line.

F Ie on the sleights that men deuise, heigh hoe sillie sleights: When simple Maides they would entice, Maides are yong mens chiefe delights. (5) Nay, women they witch with their eyes, eyes like beames of burning Sunne: And men once caught, they soone despise, so are Shepheards oft vndone.
If any young man win a maide, (10) happy man is hee: By trusting him she is betraide, fie vpon such treacherie.