EnglandsHelicon2 N5r


All my thoughts of sorrowes sauour, Hopes runne fleeting like the Sourses.
(25) Aye me, wanton scorne hath maimed All the ioyes my heart enioyed: Thoughts their thinking haue disclaimed, Hate my hopes haue quite annoyed.
Scant regard my weale hath scanted, (30) Looking coy, hath forc’d my lowring: Nothing lik’d, where nothing wanted, Weds mine eyes to ceaselesse showring.
Former loue was once admired, Present fauour is estraunged: (35) Loath’d the pleasure long desired, Thus both men and thoughts are changed.
Louely Swaine with luckie speeding, Once, but now no more so friended: You my Flocks haue had in feeding, (40) From the morne, till day was ended.
Drink and fodder, foode and folding, Had my Lambs and Ewes together: I with them was still beholding, Both in warmth and Winter weather.
(45) Now they languish, since refused, Ewes and Lambs are pain’d with pining: