EnglandsHelicon2 N4v


ΒΆ The Shepheards sorrow, being disdai-
ned in loue. +

M Vses helpe me, sorrow swarmeth, Eyes are fraught with Seas of languish: Haplesse hope my solace harmeth, Mindes repast is bitter anguish.
(5) Eye of day regarded neuer, Certaine trust in world vntrustie: Flattering hope beguileth euer, Wearie old, and wanton lustie.
Dawne of day beholds enthroned, (10) Fortunes darling proud and dreadlesse: Darksome night doth heare him moaned, Who before was rich and needlesse.
Rob the Spheare of lines vnited, Make a suddaine voide in nature: (15) Force the day to be benighted, Reaue the cause of time and creature.
Ere the world will cease to varie, This I weepe for, this I sorrow: Muses, if you please to tarie, (20) Further helpe I meane to borrow.
Courted once by Fortunes fauour, Compast now with Enuies curses: