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ΒΆ Philon the Shepheard, his Song. +

W Hile that the Sunne with his beames hot, Scorched the fruites in vale and mountaine: Philon the Shepheard late forgot, Sitting besides a Christall Fountaine: (5) In shaddow of a greene Oake-tree, Vpon his Pipe this Song plaid hee.

Adiew Loue, adiew Loue, vntrue Loue, Vntrue Loue, vntrue Loue, adiew Loue: Your minde is light, soone lost for new loue.
(10) So long as I was in young sight, I was as your heart, your soule, and treasure: And euermore you sob’d and sigh’d, Burning in flames beyond all measure. Three dayes endured your loue to me: (15) And it was lost in other three.

Adiew Loue, adiew Loue, vntrue Loue. &c.
Another Shepheard you did see, To whom your heart was soone enchained: Full soone your loue was leapt from me, (20) Full soone my place he had obtained. Soone came a third, your loue to win: And we were out, and he was in.

Adiew Loue. &c.
Sure you haue made me passing glad, (25) That you your minde so soone remoued: