EnglandsHelicon2 M8v


¶ His last replie. +

S Ince thou to me wert so vnkinde, My selfe I neuer loued, for I could not loue him in my minde, Whom thou (faire Mistresse) do’st abhorre.
(5) If viewing thee, I saw thee not, And seeing thee, I could not loue thee: Dying, I should not liue (God wot) Nor liuing, should to anger moue thee.
But it is well that I doe finde (10) My life so full of torments, for All kinde of ills doe fit his minde Whom thou (faire Mistresse) do’st abhorre.
In thy obliuion buried now My death I haue before mine eyes: (15) And here to hate my selfe I vow, As (cruell) thou do’st me despise.
Contented euer thou didst finde Me with thy scornes, though neuer (for To say the truth) I ioyed in minde, (20) After thou didst my loue abhorre.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.