EnglandsHelicon2 M7v


(5) Since I will liue, and neuer show, Then die not, for my loue I will not giue For I will neuer haue thee loue me so, As I doe meane to hate thee while I liue.
That since the Louer so doth proue, (10) His death, as thou do’st see: Be bold I will not kill with loue, Nor loue shall not kill me.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ His answere to the Nimphs Song. +

I F to be lou’d it thee offend, I cannot choose but loue thee still: And so thy griefe shall haue no end, Whiles that my life maintaines my will.
(5) O let me yet with griefe complaine, since such a torment I endure: Or else fulfill thy great disdaine, to end my life with death most sure. For as no credite thou wilt lend, (10) and as my loue offends thee still: So shall thy sorrowes haue no end, whiles that my life maintaines my will.