EnglandsHelicon2 M4v


Sometime my chiefest pleasure was, Behold what I did after passe. Then let me rest, and if I beare (15) Not with good cause continuall feare: Now doe you see, O leaue me then, and doe not trouble me.
I saw a hart changed of late, And wearied to assure mine: (20) Then I was forced to recure mine By good occasion, time and fate. My thoughts that now such passions hate, O what meane ye? Forsake me now, and doe not wearie mee. (25) You Lambes and Sheepe that in these Layes, Did sometime follow me so glad: The merrie houres, and the sad Are passed now, with all those dayes. Make not such mirth and wonted playes (30) As once did ye. For now no more, you haue deceaued me.
If that to trouble me you come, Or come to comfort me indeed: I haue no ill for comforts need. (35) But if to kill me: Then (in some) Now my ioyes are dead and dombe, Full well may ye Kill me, and you shall make an end of me.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.