EnglandsHelicon2 M3v


(60) Sence of loue to loue inspiring. Loue makes earth the water drinke, Loue to earth makes water sinke: And if dumbe things be so wittie, Shall a heauenly grace want pittie? (65) There his hands in their speech, faine Would haue made tongues language plaine. But her hands, his hands repelling: Gaue repulse, all grace excelling. Then she spake; her speech was such, (70) As not eares, but hart did touch: While such wise she loue denied, As yet loue she signified. Astrophell, said she, my Loue, Cease in these effects to proue. (75) Now be still, yet still beleeue me, Thy griefe more then death doth grieue mee. If that any thought in me, Can taste comfort but of thee, Let me feede with hellish anguish, (80) Ioylesse, helplesse, endlesse languish. If those eyes you praised, be Halfe so deere as you to me: Let me home returne starke blinded Of those eyes, and blinder minded. (85) If to secret of my hart I doe any wish impart: Where thou art not formost placed; Be both wish and I defaced. If more may be said, I say (90) All my blisse on thee I lay.