EnglandsHelicon2 M3r


Stella, Soueraigne of my ioy, (30) Faire triumpher of annoy, Stella, starre of heauenly fire, Stella, Loadstarre of desire. Stella, in whose shining eyes, Are the lights of Cupids skies, (35) Whose beames where they once are darted, Loue there-with is straite imparted. Stella, whose voyce when it speakes, Sences all asunder breakes. Stella, whose voyce when it singeth, (40) Angels to acquaintance bringeth. Stella, in whose body is Writ each Character of blisse, Whose face all, all beautie passeth, Saue thy minde, which it surpasseth. (45) Graunt, O graunt: but speech alas Failes me, fearing on to passe. Graunt, O me, what am I saying? But no fault there is in praying. Graunt (O deere) on knees I pray, (50) (Knees on ground he then did stay) That not I, but since I loue you, Time and place for me may moue you. Neuer season was more fit, Neuer roome more apt for it. (55) Smiling ayre alowes my reason, The birds sing, now vse the season. This small winde, which so sweete is, See how it the leaues doth kisse, Each tree in his best attyring