EnglandsHelicon2 M2v


¶ Another of Astrophell to his Stella. +

I N a Groue most rich of shade, Where Birds wanton musique made; May, then young, his pyed weedes showing, New perfum’d, with flowers fresh growing. (5) Astrophell with Stella sweet, Did for mutuall comfort meet Both within them-selues oppressed, But each in the other blessed. Him great harmes had taught much care, (10) Her faire necke a foule yoake bare: +But her sight his cares did banish, In his sight her yoake did vanish. Wept they had, alas the while. But now teares them-selues did smile. (15) While their eyes by Loue directed, Enterchangeably reflected. Sigh they did, but now betwixt, Sighs of woes, were glad sighs mixt, With armes crost, yet testifying (20) Restlesse rest, and liuing dying. Their eares hungry of each word, Which the deare tongue would afford, But their tongues restrain’d from walking, Till their harts had ended talking. (25) But when their tongues could not speake, Loue it selfe did silence breake, Loue did set his lips a-sunder, Thus to speake in loue and wonder.