EnglandsHelicon2 L8v


From place to place the pastures best: Her Lambs to feede, her selfe to rest.
And sometime musing, as he lay (50) When on those hills shee was not seene: Was thinking of that happy day, When Cupid gaue him such a Queene Of beautie, and such cause of ioy: Wherein his minde he did imploy.
(55) Yet said (poore man) when he did see Himselfe so sunke in sorrowes pit: The good that Loue hath giuen me, I onely doe imagine it, Because this neerest harme and trouble: (60) Hereafter I should suffer double.
The Sunne for that it did decline, The carelesse man did not offend With fierie beames, which scarce did shine But that which did of loue depend, (65) And in his hart did kindle fire: Of greater flames and hote desire.
Him did his passions all inuite, The greene leaues blowne with gentle winde: Christaline streames with their delight, (70) And Nightingales were not behinde, To helpe him in his louing verse: Which to himselfe he did rehearse.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.