EnglandsHelicon2 L7v


Though poore and plaine his diet: (30) Yet merry it is and quiet.

FINIS. Out of M. Birds set Songs.

¶ Cinthia the Nimph, her Song to faire Polydora. +

N Eere to the Riuer bankes, with greene And pleasant trees on euery side, Where freest minds would most haue beene, That neuer felt braue Cupids pride, (5) To passe the day and tedious howers: Amongst those painted meades and flowers.
A certaine Shepheard full of woe, Syrenus call’d, his flocks did feede: Not sorrowfull in outward show, (10) But troubled with such griefe indeed, As cruell Loue is wont t’impart Vnto a painefull louing hart.
This Shepheard euery day did die, For loue he to Diana bare: (15) A Shepheardesse so fine perdie, So liuely, young, and passing faire, Excelling more in beauties feature: Then any other humane creature.