EnglandsHelicon2 L7r


Then Heardmen wilde, who carelesse, in quiet life reioyce? (5) And Fortunes Fate not fearing, Sing sweet in Sommer morning.
Their dealings plaine and rightfull are voyd of all deceit: They neuer know how spightfull, (10) it is to kneele and waite; On fauourite presumptuous, Whose pride is vaine and sumptuous.
All day their flocks each tendeth, at night they take their rest: (15) More quiet then who sendeth his ship into the East; Where gold and pearle are plentie, But getting very daintie.
For Lawyers and their pleading, (20) they’steeme it not a straw: They thinke that honest meaning, is of it selfe a law; Where conscience iudgeth plainely, They spend no money vainely.
(25) Oh happy who thus liueth, not caring much for gold: With cloathing which suffiseth, to keepe him from the cold.