EnglandsHelicon2 L3v


Longer then Nestor may you liue in pleasure, (40) The Gods to you such sweet content surrender, That may make mild and tender, The beasts in euery mountaine, And glad the fields, and Woods, and euery Foun-|(taine, Abiuring former sadnes, (45) Ring forth faire Nimphs your ioyfull Songs for |(gladnes.
Let amorous birds with sweetest notes delight you, Let gentle winds refresh you with their blowing: Let fields and Forrests with their good requite you, And Flora decke the ground where you are going. (50) Roses and Violets strowing, The Iasmine and the Gilliflower, With many more, and neuer in your bower, To tast of houshold sadnes: Ring forth faire Nimphs your ioyfull Songs for |(gladnes.
(55) Concord and peace hold you for aye contented, And in your ioyfull state liue you so quiet: That with the plague of iealousie tormented You may not be, nor fed with Fortunes diet. And that your names may flie yet, (60) To hills vnknowne with glorie. But now because my breast so hoarce, and sorrie It faints, may rest from singing: End Nimphs your Songs, that in the clouds are |(ringing.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.