EnglandsHelicon2 L3r


(10) Let Springs and Meades all kinde of sorrow banish, And mournfull harts the teares that they are bleeding: Let gloomie cloudes with shining morning vanish, Let euery bird reioyce that now is breeding. And since by new proceeding, (15) With mariage now obtained, A great content by great contempt is gained, And you deuoyd of sadnes, Ring forth faire Nimphs your ioyfull Songs for ||(gladnes.
Who can make vs to change our firme desires, (20) And soule to leaue her strong determination, And make vs freeze in Ice, and melt in fires, And nicest hearts to loue with emulation, Who rids vs from vexation, And all our minds commandeth? (25) But great Felicia, that his might withstandeth, That fill’d our harts with sadnes, Ring foorth faire Nimphs your ioyfull Songs for ||(gladnes.
Your fields with their distilling fauours cumber(Bridegroome and happy Bride) each heauenly power (30) Your Flocks, with double Lambs encreas’d in number, May neuer tast vnsauorie grasse and sower. The Winters frost and shower Your Kids (your pretie pleasure) May neuer hurt, and blest with so much treasure, (35) To driue away all sadnes: Ring forth faire Nimphs your ioyfull Songs for ||(gladnes.
Of that sweet ioy delight you with such measure, Betweene you both faire issue to ingender: